The medium of instruction is English with due focus on other Indian languages. The subjects to be taught in the normal curriculum are : English, Hindi, Sanskrit, History, Civics, Geography, Economics, Commerce, Business Studies, Accountancy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Arts.

Primary School

Primary school curriculum includes studies in English, Hindi, Maths, Environmental studies, Social studies, Computer and Arts, The curriculum aims at vocabulary enrichment with very strong emphasis on speaking, reading and oral sentence formation with correct pronunciation Grammar is taught in play-way method. Oral comprehension is given to improve attentiveness in class. Primary fundamentals of Maths are introduced in such a way so as to make their basics very strong. Special emphasis is laid on children working in groups. Through interaction and exchange of ideas a child rapidly matures in self-expression. Story session includes short story telling by teacher and students. All these things are done through a comprehensive and well prepared plan for each subject.

To reduce the burden of books, the primary school curriculum lays more stress on teaching through class demonstration, nature walk etc. Multimedia support is incorporated to make the subject more interesting. This paves way for easy understanding of the middle school curriculum.

Middle School

Middle school curriculum is designed to acquaint students with ICSE syllabus for various subjects at introductory level. Science and Social studies are split into three separate disciplines viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and History, Civics and Geography respectively. The curriculum lays strong emphasis on core subjects like English, Maths and Science. The elaboration of the syllabus in each subject facilitates a strong foundation for excellence at the ICSE level. Maximum attention is given focus is on spoken and written English. Self-study and reference work is encouraged to increase in depth knowledge and promote independence in studies. The teachers also play an important role in igniting the fantasies of children. Understanding of natural phenomena and scientific demonstration is aided by Computer graphics.

Senior School

Senior School curriculum includes studies in English, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer, Economics, Commerce, Accountancy, Music, Fashion Designing and Technical Drawing. Due emphasis is given on making students well versed in the subjects they have opted for. Qualified teachers guide students for success in different competitive exams held at national and international levels. Students are well equipped with knowledge in all the fields before they leave school to face the challenging and competitive atmosphere of college and university.

Kinder World- Pre-School

Kinder World curriculum ranges from recognition of alphabets and number, recitation, writing with crayons and subsequently with pencil to reading and writing of words and sentences. Children are involved in activities to play and be comfortable with numbers. Dramatized story telling by the teacher is given high importance. Individual evaluation of a child is objective and continuous. The prep wing has an activity room equipped with toys, puzzles, toy cars, toy scooters, puzzle blocks etc which makes the students learn while they play.

Teachers and Staff

The school has a team of qualified, trained, experience and innovative teaching staff headed by an experienced and dynamic principal. The Staff is oriented with the aims and objectives of the School. Special Teachers Training Programs are conducted before the beginning of every academic year for the purpose of acquainting them with the latest development in pedagogy and aides of teaching.

Examination and Assessment

Kinder World: The achievement of a child is judged through continuous assessment of class work and short test (oral and written). The progress report is issued three times in an academic year.

Primary, Middle & Senior School : The evaluation of a child is done through I Term, II Term, Half-yearly & Final Examinations. Centralized Examination System is followed to ensure the standard & quality of examination.

The progress report is issued four times in an academic year The final evaluation includes 10% each from the I and II terms, 30% from the half Yearly and 50% weight from the final examination.

The school strictly adheres to the council's norms and pass-mark in each exam are 5% more than the council's requirement so as to keep the child prepared to take the forthcoming board examinations twice in four years.

Teaching Aids

To make teaching highly effective appropriate combination of modern technology and technique is adopted. As such, the school has smart class, audio-visual lecture theaters with computer aided teaching facility. Library also provides CDs on various subjects and topics.

The common teaching aids like 3D models, chats, maps and placard are used extensively.

Computer Services

VSPS provides the most modern computer facility with internet service. Every student has a separate computer to work on. Project work is assigned to each student belonging to class VI and onwards. The project work requires surfing the Internet and is evaluated by the teacher. The staff room computers are on LAN and are connected with the Internet. The staff members use the internet surf to obtain additional information on relevant topics to enhance the quality of classroom teaching. They use LAN to update on students database. Computers in the principal's office, the school office and the accounts office are also on LAN and provide access to a comprehensive students database.

Co-Curricular Activities

VSPS Cantt. offers a wide spectrum of co-curricular activities for all round development of a child. There are Dramatics, Folk dance. Applied Art & Craft, Handicraft, Cookery & Garnishing, Table laying & etiquette, Needle Works & Embroidery, Gardening, Vocal & Instrumental Music, Group Discussion, Calligraphy, Clay Modeling, Fashion Designing, Home Science, Fabric Painting, Stuffed Toys, Gift Wrapping, Interior Layout, Science Projects etc. Co-curricular activities are conducted in specially furnished rooms equipped with necessary equipments.


Students are given opportunities and encouragement to participate in inter-house competitions such as Debates, Extempore, Declamation, Elocution, Story telling, Short skits, Quiz, Dance, Science models, Singing, Arts, Collage etc. to enhance their own expression and knowledge. Certificates of appreciation are awarded to the outstanding students at the end of each academic year. Points scored in these competitions are added to the overall tally of each house. Deserving students participate in inter school competitions.

Students Council

VSPS Cantt. values students opinion and their participation in the betterment of the school. The school has a students' representative body, comprising of boys & girls, elected to a number of offices, with Head Boy and Head Girl as top office bearers. The council is presided over by the Principal and assisted by an academic staff. The council is basically intended to develop qualities of shouldering responsibility and developing organizational capability and collective decision-making. The council also nominates school prefects and encouraged to exhibit capability and spirit of teamwork. It is also a source of confidence building among the students. The entire school is divided into four houses with an elected captain for each house. The students through the demonstration effect and through the offices of council learn to shoulder responsibility.

Games and Sports

The school also has a Games Committee. VSPS provides a matrix of intra and inter-school games and sports activities. Facilities for games are provided according to season in order to train the students in various games. Professional coaches to prepare students in various games right form middle school provide special coaching. Hockey, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Athletics, Taekwondo and Swimming are some of the areas of exposure to the students. Apart from regular coaching in various games, all students have games twice a week for the duration of about 40 minutes each. Inter house sports competitions are held through the event of annual sports meet. The points scored in the sporting competitions are included in the final points tally of each house. A running champions trophy is awarded to the house having the highest points tally.

Play Field for Football, Hockey, Cricket and Athletics Basket Ball Court, T.T. Room & Badminton Court are also available.

Medical Care

The School infirmary is a well-equipped health care centre, to be used by the students when they are ill. A qualified nurse is in charge of the infirmary. All minor illness and injuries are treated here. A registered medical practitioner is available on call when required. Every child undergoes a thorough medical check up twice a year.

School Canteen

The school canteen provides snacks, confectionery and soft drink to children, on cash payment, during recess and after school.