Republic Day Celebration - (2020-01-26)

“Freedom in our minds, faith in our words, pride in our hearts, Memories in our souls. Dr. VSSSS, Mc.Robert Ganj, celebrated India’s 71ST Republic Day with great enthusiasm patriotic fervor on 26th January,2020. Keeping the spirit of patriotism alive & to remember valuable contributions made by our leaders , a special assembly was conducted by the students of Grade VII with the objective of instilling patriotism and values of being good citizens. The event commenced with hoisting of the national flag by our principal Mrs. Dipti Goel, followed by the recitation of our national anthem. The audience was welcomed by Yogita and Divyanshi who spoke about the significance of the day. They reminded their peers about the sacrifices made to build the nation. The students brought the stage alive with their passion and love for their motherland by singing melodious patriotic songs. Breathtaking dance performance aroused the feeling of honour and pride for the country in our hearts which culminated in a human pyramid.It gave a message of being brave and upholding the honour and integrity of our unique and magnificent country. In the end principal Mrs. Dipti Goel in her address expressed gratitude towards the freedom fighters & the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation. A proud moment when the constitution of India came into existence. She urged every student to work with modesty & dedication for the nation.

Farewell- ‘ A day to mark an end for a new beginning’ - (2020-01-25)

The hall of Dr. VSSSS echoed with the blessing on the morning of the 25th January, 2020 when VSSSS family came together to bid farewell to the outgoing 2019 batch of class XII students. It was the morning of mixed emotions for all present in the school hall to witness the official send off for the class XII students at the valedictory ceremony 2020. The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers to reminisce joyous moments. The hall was festooned with red and black balloons, the backdrops also painted in black and red with dazzling lights. Students of XI class organized farewell party with great enthusiasm & of course endeavored to leave a trail of nostalgia behind for the grade XII students. The class XII students showed up, dressed in their finery. The young ladies glowed in coloured sarees, whereas dashing young men in their newly stitched suits. The programme got off to a start with a prayer song by the juniors in honour of the seniors. There after there was a spate of dance, music, songs & laughter as the hosts impressed with the showcasing of their vast repository of skills. The girls squad presented scintillating mash up dances giving a fast beat to the whole show. Even the students from class XII enthralled the audiences with their duet song & breathtaking dance performances. Class XI students read out compliments while school principal gave mementos to all class XII students. Many interesting and tricky games were played to pep up the environment. The much coveted title of Mr. and Ms. Perfect was won by Mohd. Shadan and Jasmine Sheikh. The head boy Arijit Singh and Head Girl Jasmine Sheikh thanked & expressed their love & gratitude to the principal & teachers who had consistently guided them in the right direction throughout the years & how difficult it was for them to go out of the portals of their almamater. In the end the Principal Mrs. Dipti Goel showered her blessings & best wishes to the Board appearing aspirants and encouraged them to move ahead in life always with confidence & determination and positive spirit. The farewell ended with a message of not to be dismayed at goodbyes,“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live in LIFE you’ve imagined”.

Republic Day Pre Celebration - (2020-01-24)

REPUBLIC DAY FEVER As we approach 26th January the Republic Day of India, there is a feel of patriotism in the breeze. The whole campus gives a patriotic feel as the ambience was in tri colour. Indeed, this day is special, as there were so many activities planned for students to raise awareness about the sacrifices of our citizens for a free constitutional India. To begin with there was a brainstorming session for Kinder World where in the teachers briefed the students about the constitution of India and why it is required. The students from P.G. & Nursery were first introduced to the tri colour flag and then they made the Indian flag fly high by using millets and pulses. The teachers introduced K.G. children to the National bird of our country peacock. Later on they helped them create a peacock by using fluorescent sheets. The little ones even moved a step ahead and created tri-color fans. It was appealing to see smiles on their faces. The basic idea was to make the day full of creative fun and make them understand the significance of Republic Day. A collage making competition was held on 24th January 2020. The theme was Republic Day: Celebration of being Indian for classes I & II. Being an Indian means I’m a part of great nation that is rising from the atrocities of its past. Classes III & IV paid a humble tribute to the Indian Soldiers through a collage making competition and writing slogans to thank them for being with us and protecting us in every situation. Unity in diversity is a concept which signifies unity among individuals who have certain differences among them keeping the same in mind classes V & VI showed their talent through collage. India matches ahead with pride to celebrate the 70th Republic Day. Classes VII & VIII participated with enthusiasm to depict the glory of India through collages. All the students from classes I – VIII participated in the competition. A lot of enthusiasm was seen in the students during the event. They used a variety of material to create the collages. The effort of the students was remarkable & most creative collages were adjudged the winners. The principal of our school Mrs. Dipti Goel was overwhelmed by their performance & was captivated by their creativity. Take away crafts were also prepared by the students. They were very enthusiastic to create tricolor badges for themselves and feel proud to be an Indian citizen. Classes IV & VI made pen holders. Photo frames by class V. Flower sticks by class VII and Flower vase by class VIII. The Republic Day fever was seen among the students throughout the week. Everybody waiting anxiously for tomorrow.

Justice in 365 Days - (2019-12-16)

Gang rape incidents and sexual assaults of women and girls are on the rise. The number of convictions has fallen. Something is going very badly wrong with the system. “Punish the guilty” was the rallying cry on 16th December 2019 by the students of Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School. The students just wanted to express their solidarity through this protest rally. There is a deficit of justice and support towards the victims. The waiting list for its counselling services is never ending. The rally was to spread awareness among the general public. The students were holding placards & banners and shouting slogans like “No mercy to rapists” etc. The school principal Mrs. Dipti Goel addressed the students especially boys now they can be a man without being violent. They should stop violent masculinity and violent blaming, get enthusiastic about enthusiastic content.Don’t laugh at rape. On the other hand the girls should speak up for what they really want. Fast track courts should deal with rape cases first. Intervention of President and Chief Justice of India to stop rape now. The rally created a stir among the people.

Kinderworld's Fruit Party Celebration - (2019-12-06)

A balanced diet is extremely important for the proper growth and development of a child. As fruits are packed with various vitamins and minerals, they should also be included in the daily diet. Therefore to inculcate the habit of eating fruits, a ‘’FRUIT PARTY’’ was organized in the Kinderworld on 6-12-19 i.e on Friday. The children were taught about various fruits and their properties with the help of a power point presentation in which the children answered different fruit riddles which gave a boost to their learning. They devoured many seasonal fruits like apple, guava, banana, orange, grapes, pineapple etc. and came dressed up in different fruit attires. Through this activity the children learnt the importance of fruits and also learnt to recognize various fruits by their characteristics.

Inter House Basket Ball Competition - (2019-11-30)

ABOUT BASKET BALL Basket ball was invented by James Naismith in Spring Field Massachusetts. The year was 1981 and as the story goes. Naismith was asked to come up with an indoor game that offered fewer injuries than classic American gridiron football. Basket ball is a team sport in which two teams most commonly of five players each opposing one another on a rectangular court complete with the primary objective of shooting a basket ball through the defenders hoop while preventing the opposing team from shooting through their own hoop. A field goal is worth two points unless made from behind the three point line. When it is worth three after a foul timed play stops and the player fouled or designated to shoot a technical foul is given one. Basket ball competition held on dated 30 November 2019 Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School organized an Inter house senior boys basket ball competition for class IX to XII on 30 November 2019. The four houses Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The senior boy’s basket ball match was inaugurated by our respected principal ma’am Mrs. Dipti Goel. Results for senior boys Basket ball First Position -------Venus (Blue) house Second position--- Mars (Yellow) house Third position --- Mercury (Red) house In the end our respected principal ma’am congratulated all the winner and runner students and motivated them for the participation and certificates were distributed to the runner and winners.

Kinder World: Best Out of Waste Activity - (2019-11-28)

Making the best out of waste has been a part of human life since the early ages. In order to make the children aware of uses of waste materials a ‘’ best out of waste activity ‘was organized in the Kinder World. In this activity, the children using their motor skills and creativity made different things like piggy bank, utility box, photo frame etc. from waste materials. Grade U.K.G- The children made piggy banks utilizing waste materials like papers, plastic bottles and old bottle caps. Grade L.K.G- The children made utility boxes by cutting plastic bottles into half and decorating them with colourful papers. Grade Nursery – A photo frame was made by the children with the help of old wedding cards, buttons,beads and ice-cream sticks. Grade P.G- A cute rabbit was made by these toddlers using thermacol glasses, googly eyes etc. Out come – In this activity the children learnt the importance of recycling waste materials and how to make creative beautiful items.

KinderWorld : Handwriting Activity - (2019-11-21)

A handwriting activity was held in Kinder World on 21st November,2019. In this activity the children were given worksheets according to their respective levels in which they wrote alphabets, words and small sentences. Instructions were given to them to write neatly in proper lines and the one who writes the best will get a prize. The children were very excited to hear this and put in their best efforts. The objective of this activity was to improve their writing skills as well as their writing speed and also to inculcate the habit of good handwriting in them. This activity was held to encourage their writing so that they may write neatly in their notebooks. Outcome- This activity encouraged the children to improve their writing skills so that they can develop a beautiful handwriting from the very beginning of their learning years.

Children's Day Celebration - (2019-11-14)

Children's Day Celebration

Wind Chime Making Activity By Kinder World - (2019-11-04)

A wind chime making activity was conducted in Kinder World on 4th November 2019. They learnt to make wind chime with the help of their teachers. They enjoyed making and sticking figures of different shapes and sizes like flower, elephant, bird, car, heart, butterfly etc. The figures were made using colored glitter sheets and rubber foam sheets. They stuck the various figures on a woollen string with the help of fevicol and cello tape and decorated them with mirrors of different shapes. The aim of this activity was to polish the motor skills of the children and to improve their creativity. Outcome- The children learnt about various shapes, colours, and use of materials like wool and mirrors.

Special Assembly on Diwali by Class XI & Helper's Day Celebration - (2019-10-25)

“The greatest significance of Diwali is to light up new, bright and colourful dreams, fresh hopes and undiscovered ways.” The exhilaration and celebratory spirit that Diwali brings is unmatchable. To add to the festive fervour, the school was all set for Diwali. It was decorated with the craft prepared by the students for Diwali. An Inter House Rangoli competition was held wherein all the four houses displayed their artistic skills at the best. The students heralded the festival of lights by presenting a cultural extravaganza with a lot of joy and enthusiasm. Students of Class XI presented a special assembly on Diwali on 25th October’19. The students set the mood of festivity by invoking the blessings of God by a mesmerizing Bhajan. Anas highlighted the importance of this festival. A short poem was also recited to emphasize on the need to celebrate a peaceful and green Diwali and to save Earth from excessive noise and air pollution. A melodious choir “Diwali Roshniwali” was beautifully sung by the school choir. A captivating dance performance dedicated to Lord Rama was the bonus bonanza of the day. The dance performed in colourful costumes and set to live, foot tapping music, highlighted the festivity and good cheer of the festival. Later on the students, inspired by real life heroes, celebrated “Helper’s Day”. Shikher Mishra shared how these helpers play a very important role in our day to day lives and that we should always readily thank and acknowledge their work. A day’s respite is the least we can offer them and that is why every year we celebrate this day to give them some happiness. Various fun games were organized by the students for the entertainment of our helpers. They were given gifts and sweets to add joy to their festivity. The assembly concluded with an address by the Prinicipal, Mrs. Dipti Goel, wherein she emphasized on the importance of saying ‘No to Crackers’ and urged children to be sensitive to the environment by celebrating a clean and cracker free Diwali. Ma’am focused on the priceless contribution of the helpers for the smooth functioning of the school. She wished everyone present there a very Happy and a prosperous Diwali.

Kinder World: Shadow Activity - (2019-10-18)

“The shadow is the greatest teacher for how to come to the light.” Shadow activity was held on 18.10.2019 in which children were given matching worksheets related to the topic “Shadow”. Grade P.G. – Transport, Grade Nursery – Shapes, Grade L.KG. – Water Animals, Grade U.KG. - Fruits and Vegetables. Children came to know the meaning of shadow. An activity was done to clear the concept in which the children were shown their own shadow in dark with the keep of “Touch”. “Cards were given as a Take away” Out Come – Children learnt the meaning of Shadow.


ABOUT KHO KHO Why not add a bit of drama and mystery when telling your kid about kho-kho. The truth is,nobody knows exactly where and how kho-kho was born, but believed to have evolved in the state of Maharashtra. Where it was played on ahariats called Rath. It gradually became a much loved game for kids, keeping them entertained for centuries in 1960 the first national kho-kho championship was held in Andhra Pradesh . However, over the years, with modern games and different sort of childhood activities taking over, Its faded away. Its time we started hearing shout of “KHO” all around the world. This game is not only very physical, with lots of running,diving,squatting its also brilliant for encouraging team work,kids have to watch carefully work together,and learn how to recognise when a teammate should take over the pursuit. The also have to decide quickly which is the right player to take over,so there’s an element of strategy involved Mastering how to play kho-kho is a real work out for body and mind. Kho- kho competition Held on dated 14 to 15 October 2019 Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School Organized an Inter house Kho-Kho competition (Junior boys & girls ) for classes V to VIII on 14 and 15 October 2019. The four houses Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The junior boys girls Kho-Kho match was inaugurated by our respected principal ma’am Mrs. Dipti Goel Result of Junior Boys & Girls Kho – Kho Match I - Position –Mercury House, II--- Position- Venus House, III Position---Mars House, IV Position Earth House. In the end our respected principal ma’am congratulated all the winner students and motivated them for the participation. Certificates were distributed to the winners. Match referee was Mr Amrendra Singh and Ms Gauri Sinha. Scorer was Ms. Vanisha and Mr. Ayush Gupta.


The “Blue Colour Week” for KinderWorld students started on 9th October 2019. The children came to know about the importance of Blue Colour. The ambience was all blue depicting under water creatures, sky etc. The children did the following activities- Day 1 ( 9/10/19) :- Blue Colour Finger printing activity. The children coloured the clouds and made rain drops with finger printing. Day 2 ( 10/10/19):- Save water Activity. The children were shown a P.P.T. related to the topic Save Water and were told about the importance of water .They enjoyed colouring water animals. Day 3 ( 11/10/19):- Blue Colour Theme Party On the last day blue colour party was held and the children were given a head gear as takeaway. All the children and teachers came dressed up in blue. The children brought party tiffin and various eatables such as “Blue lays”, “Oreo biscuits”, “Good day butter cookies “,”Perk” etc. Out Come:- The children learnt about the importance of Blue Colour.

Dussehra Celebration - (2019-01-04)

Dussehra celebrates the Hindu God Ram’s victory over demon king Ravana & the triumph of good over evil. Keeping the same in mind class XII students conducted a special assembly on ‘Dussehra’ on 4th October 2019. They were filled with enthusiasm. The assembly was conducted by Jasmin Sheikh & Ayush Shukla. It began with a Hindi prayer “Prabhu Hampe Kripa Karna”, followed by much awaited dance “Mahishasur Vadh” by Nancy Kanojia. A Hindi poem ‘Hey Bharat ke Rama Jago’ was recited by Jasmine Sheikh. Chaupai on “ Ravana Vadh” were said, followed by Dandiya Raas especially organized for the Kinder World students. They came dressed in beautiful ethnic wears carrying their dandiyas and danced gracefully on dandiya beats. The students had been given flash cards of Ravana which they had filled with different colors & the same flash cards were given to them as take aways. Last but not the least an effigy of Ravana was also burnt. It was beautifully decorated & filled with crackers. The story of Shri Rama and Ravana was narrated in the classrooms & they were told about the festival Dussehra which marks the victory of good over evil.


On 1st October 2019, Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School, Mc.Robert Ganj organised a brainstorming session for Kinder World on Mahatma Gandhi which made the preschoolers learn about the Father of the Nation. It was followed by a colouring activity wherein the little champs gave colours to their imagination. It was an informative and an enjoyable session for all. The students of classes from I – XII participated in the Poster Making Competition. The theme was “Swach Bharat”. The motto behind this competition was to check the creative skills of the students & develop in them a sense of cleanliness as “Clean India’ would be the best tribute we could pay to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150th birth anniversary. The students made attractive posters with beautiful quotations on Swach Bahart. Three posters from each class were selected. Our Principal Ma’am Mrs. Dipti Goel appreciated the efforts of the students & motivated them to keep their surroundings clean.


September 26th Thursday and September 27th Friday Dr.Virendra Swarup Sr. Secondary School organized an Inter house Table Tennis Junior boys, Junior girls & Senior boys competition . The four houses Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars participated with great zeal and enthusiasm . The league was inaugurated by our respected principal ma’am Mrs. Dipti Goel. Result for Junior Boys POSITION WINNER I Mercury (Red) Ratna Shikhar Singh II Venus (Blue) Mohd Arish Rais III Earth (Green) Raunak Rai IV Mars (Yellow) Mohd Faiz Result for Junior Girls POSITION WINNER I Venus (Blue) Vanshika Sonker II Earth (Green) Avishka Shukla III Mars (Yellow) Ananya Viswakarma IV Mercury (Red) Bhavya Bajpai Result for Senior Boys POSITION WINNER I Venus (Blue) Ayush Shukla II Mars (Yellow) Tushar Chaurasia III Mercury(Red) Shikher Mishra IV Earth (Green) Mohd Hassan In the end our respected Principal ma’am congratulated all the winners and motivated them for the participation. Certificates were distributed to the winners. Match referee was Mr. Amrendra Singh and Ms. Gauri Sinha Scorer was Ms. Aisha Siddiqua of Class X and Ayush Gupta of Class XII.














Shiksha Diwas was celebrated at Dr. Virendra Swarup Sr. Secondary School, Mc.Robert Ganj, Kanpur on Thursday 25th July 2019 to pay a humble tribute to Late Dr. Virendra Swarup Ji on his birth anniversary. Dr. Virendra Swarup was a renowned philanthropist and educationist & thus this day aptly named as “Shiksha Diwas”. A very interesting assembly was conducted by class XI. The day began with the lighting of the lamp ceremony by Dr. Paramjeet Kaur she even garlanded the portrait of Dr. Virendra Swarup Ji. Then Sanskriti highlighted the life and values of Dr. Virendra Swarup. A quiz competition was held for all the students. Wherein the students participated with great zeal & enthusiasm. Followed by a Nukkad Natak “Soch Badlo, Desh Badlega.” The students collected at Motijheel. The guest of honour was Mrs. Pramila Pandey, Mayor, Kanpur who inaugurated the programme & praised the talents of the students. The loud applause of the audience bore testimony to the hard work of the students. This day also witnessed one of the most anticipated events of the school calendar as the “Investiture Ceremony”. It signifies & celebrates the commencement of a new school parliament “Jasmin Sheikh was selected as the Head Girl and Arjit Singh as the Head Boy. Various posts like student Co-ordinator, House captains, Sports Captains and Prefects were selected. Then all the office bearers took an oath to show there in support and loyalty towards the school. The ceremony came to an end with the singing of the national anthem prior to this day i.e., on 19th July 2019 A Wall Magazine Competition was held for classes V – VIII. Various topics were given. Each class looked beautiful & the efforts put in by the students of each class was praise worthy. Class XII bagged the first prize. A G.K. Quiz competition was held on 23rd July for classes I – IV. This was an opportunity for the participants to hone their knowledge. It turned out to be a fun filled learning day. Venus House won the first prize. The tiny toddlers of the school were not far behind. They enjoyed “Toy Day”. They played with their favorite toys in the playing area which gave them immense pleasure & joy.


Kinderworld celebrated ‘Toy ‘Day’ on 22nd July 2019 i.e. Monday. Children were asked to bring two toys each of their choice. They played with their toys in the playing area and had fun.


KINDERWORLD : Yellow Colour Week - (2019-07-12)

Yellow Colour Week 8th July: Duck Making Activity Duck making activity was done. Children made ducks with yellow colour paper which was given as a take away. 9th July : Paper Crumble ‘Beehive” Making Activity. Children were asked to crumble yellow paper and stick on ‘Beehive’ which was drawn in the Scrap – book 10th July: Matchstick Sun Making Activity Children drew a Sun in the Scrap – book later decorated it with the help of matchsticks. 11th July : Yellow Fruit Chat Making Activity Children were asked to bring yellow fruits such as Mango, Banana, Pine Apple etc. and Fruit Chat was prepared. Children loved it. Really tasty! Yummy! 12th July : Maggi and Lemonade Party Children were asked to bring maggi as their party Tiffin to bring magi was served. They smiled as they relished the lemony sweet taste.

KinderWorld Splash Pool Party - (2019-05-15)

On the last day, a splash pool party was organised on 15th May where the children wore swimming costumes and trunks and played with water. Children had a gala time splashing in the pool along with dance and music.

MOTHER'S DAY CELEBRATION 2019 - (2019-05-11)

The Mother’s Day was celebrated in school on 11th May 2019, to show our gratitude and love towards our Mothers. The Chief Guest was Mrs. Neha Tiwari, Centre Head of Vibes Slimming and Beauty Centre. There was a special guest of honour Mrs. Pooja Tripathi, Assistant Head of Vibes Slimming and Beauty Centre. They gave tips to the mothers about Personality Development & good parenting. There were workshops organized for the mothers. In Best Out of Waste the mothers learnt handcrafted items with old magazines. Then there was workshop on “Beauty Tips” How one can enhance one’s inner beauty despite artificial makeup to look more glamorous. Various hair styles and party makeup were taught. The mothers had a good time attending these workshops. There were many mothers attending Tiffin Time workshop wherein they learnt pin wheel sandwiches, from glucose biscuits and milkmaid yummy cake, laddoo along with Oreo shake. Over all the food items were delicious and applauded by the mothers. Special attraction of the day was “The Well Dressed Mom”. This much awaited title was bagged by Mrs. Poonam Naithani. “The Early Bird” to reach the venue was Mrs. Tulika Srivastava. The children entertained the mothers by presenting a mesmerizing dance performance, even tickled their taste buds by their melodious song. Raghvi of class X dedicated a poem entitled “Maa”. In the end the Principal Dr. Paramjeet Kaur gave the vote of thanks. It was a gala event which ended on a happy note.

KinderWorld Green Colour Week – 22nd April – 26th April - (2019-04-26)

First Day of the Activity: Potato Masher Turtle Activity The children were asked to bring potatoes and they enjoyed making turtle with the help of potato printing. Day Two: Peas in the Pod making Activity The children were introduced with peas. They enjoyed making cards by sticking peas in the pod. Day Three: Green Salad Making Activity The children were told about green fruits and vegetables. They were asked to bring green vegetables and enjoyed making salad with the same. Day Four: Hand Printing Tree Making The children had fun making trees with the help of hand printing. Day Five: Green Colour Party On the last day of Green Colour Week, the children were asked to bring saplings for tree plantation activity. Apart from this they even brought cakes, elaichi biscuits, kiwi fruit and cucumber sandwiches. In this manner the children thoroughly became aware of green colour.


We celebrated the Birth Anniversary of our revered founder Shri Ragendra Swarup Ji on 22nd April 2019. He laid the foundation of Dr. Virendra Swarup Memorial Trust. A Special Assembly was conducted by class VIII. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp ceremony by our Principal Ma’am Dr. Paramjeet Kaur, followed by singing of Maa Saraswati Vandana. The class choir even presented a melodious bhajan. Later a Hindi skit “Satya Mev Jayate” was presented. Wherein the students showcased their hidden talents & vowed to make honesty their shield. KinderWorld celebrated Green Colour Day. The teachers told them about the importance of green fruits,vegetables and trees etc. “Tree Plantation” activity was conducted for classes I – IV. The children brought saplings & planted them in pots. In this way the students were trained in practical application of science. Even learnt about the importance of various trees. On 18th April students from classes VII-XII visited “Old Age Home”. It was a noble initiative encouraging students to donate items of daily need. A small gesture to pay a humble tribute to our founder. The students sang some songs for the grandparents. The students interacted with the senior citizens and promised to visit them whenever they got time. The highlight of the day was a “Hat Parade” The hats were handcrafted by the teachers. It was flagged off from Guru Gobind Singh Dwar to Shivaji Gate by our renowned Chief Guest Mayor Kanpur Mrs. Pramila Pandey. The students flashed a strong message to “Save Earth” which is the need of the hour. It was a fun – filled day and a beautiful way to remember our founder Late Shri Ragendra Swarup Ji, whose vision, foresight & innovative spirit is felt even today. His commendable deeds will be cherished by one & all.


As we all know that Earth Day is observed on 22nd April of every year. The Earth gives us so much for our lives. We can never return it back. But we may always show our gratitude towards our earth. This is very important to convey this message to our young ones. Dr. V.S.S.S. School celebrated Environment Day on 18th April 2019. On this occasion a poster making competition was organised at cluster level. The students of classes I –IV had to make a poster on conserving nature. They were given various topics like: CLASS TOPICS I SAVE TREES II SAVE EARTH III SAVE WATER IV CLEAN INDIA GREEN INDIA All Children gave their best and made beautiful posters. Our Principal motivated them and inspired to save earth. The winners were as follows: Sufiya of Class I, Aiswarya of Class II, Stuti opf Class - III, Arshan of Class IV bagged the first position respectively.


“Protect Nature and Nature Will Protect You” With such thought an activity on tree plantation was organised. In this activity every child planted a sapling in the school premises. They were encouraged to sow plants like Tulsi, Mint, Aloe vera and Lemon, which have some medicinal values. They were also told about their benefits and uses. The Principal ma’am encouraged the students to be friendlier with nature. Students from classes I – IV enjoyed the activity and they all understood about the importance of planting a tree.

A VISIT TO AN OLD AGE HOME - (2019-04-18)


Parent Orientation Programme was held on Saturday i.e. 13.04.2019 in the hall of Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School. The programme started with a choir sung by the students of classes V – VIII A story telling session also took place wherein the teachers narrated stories from the holy Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahab & Vedas. The moral behind all this was to tell the parents to tell spiritual stories to the children so they remain grounded to their roots. Our Ma’am gave a very motivational speech. She laid stress on punctuality, discipline and spoken English. A special discussion on the diet of the children. Stress on healthy food. Few activities were conducted by our Principal ma’am for motivating the parents. Parents were given the snacks. Lastly parents were requested to write their reviews on the sheets. The Program ended with the singing of National Anthem.

Special Assembly By Class XII on NEW BEGINNING - (2019-04-12)

ICE CREAM PARTY - (2019-04-12)

An ice cream party was organised on 12th April 19. The party started with Musical Chairs followed by other games. The children also brought various snacks which were served to them. At last when the ice-cream vendor came, the children enjoyed ice –creams of different flavours as their liking.

Welcome To School - (2019-04-03)

Annual Award Ceremony 2018-19 - (2019-03-19)

The Annual Award Ceremony of Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School was held in the school premises, Mc. Robert Ganj on 19th March 2019. The Chief Guest was Dr. Seema Dwivedi, Associate Professor, G.S.V.M. Medical College, Kanpur. The other distinguished dignitaries were Dr. Mini Swarup Secretary Board of Management, Dr. Alakshendra Swarup Joint Secretary (Virendra Swarup Memorial Trust), Dr. Sushma Mandal Principal of Dr. Virendra Swarup Public School Cantt Kanpur, Principal Dr. Paramjeet Kaur. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp. The program started with Ganesh Vandana. The awards were given in various categories for Academic Exellence , General Proficiency, Consistency, Board Toppers of 2017-18 Class X – Mohd. Bilal & Sameera Fatima , Class XII – Bhavesh Anand Bajapai & Harika Satti, All Round Good Performance, General Improvement, Full Attendance , Dr. Virendra Swarup Award, Star Singers, Well Dressed, Good Conduct, Shri Ragendra Swarup Award, Best Assembly (Junior & Senior), Star Dancer, Star Artist, Cock House Trophy. Our little cherubs took the audience into a world of nature through a dance performance “Save Environment” which conveyed the message “Save Earth”. Our tiny toddlers showcased their singing talent through a graduation song. The students of primary wing presented an action song. The school choir presented a beautiful congratulation song to applaud the students and teachers. Our school Principal Dr. Paramjeet Kaur gave the vote of thanks. The program came to an end with the singing of National Anthem.


On 25th Feb 2019 many potential young chefs of classes U.K.G. and L.KG. from Kinder World presented themselves. All our little chefs wore their aprons and caps. The little toddlers had to prepare a variety of Sandwiches, Bhelpuri, Biscuit toppings or a sprout, Fruit Chat. The children worked hard as their mothers had trained them well for the day. The Kinder Chef Competition encouraged the little ones to learn the basics of cooking and the presentation of food. The competition left the judges spell –bound at their culinary skills.


To inculcate the feeling of love among children for their mothers Heart day was celebrated. The students made heart shaped cards for their mom and said I love you mom.


To take the students away from studies for few hours and to lessen their stress, a fun trip to ‘Motijheel’ was organised on 5th Feb 19. The children enjoyed a toy train ride, swings & boating. They played outdoor games with ball, bat etc. After that they enjoyed their yummy Tiffin’s and came back home with happy faces.


2019 Class IV conducted a special assembly on Swami Vivekanand . It Started with special Prayer “ Tu Pyar Ka Sagar Hai” sung by students of class IV. After this English Prayer was presented by “Riddhi Shukla” followed by pledge done by “Gargi Mishra”. After this students of class IV sung a beautiful choir “Jine ojasvi Vachno Se” dedicated to Swami Vivekanand. Then Madhia, Riddhi, Hamdiya and Aman recited ”quotes given by Swami Vivekanand. Then our Principal Ma’am said few words and given certificates to the students. At last there was a National Anthem by students of class IV. The conjunction of the Assembly was done by Aarna Gupta


Conducted By : Aarna Gupta Hindi Prayer:Teri hai zameen…………….(Entire Class) Topic : Aishwarya Song : Hey Sharde Maa……. Mantra in Sanskrit: Jaanvi Devotional Dance: Maa Saraswati taar de….. Performance.


Conducted By : Aarna Gupta Hindi Prayer : Aye Malik Tere ……………… Topic : Spring Season Pledge : Amaan Ashraf Hindi Poem : Basant Ritu….. by Rayyan Ali English Song : Spring Season…………………… Skit Save Trees : All class II students Thought : Aarna Gupta

Republic Day Celebration - (2019-01-26)

The school celebrated the 70th Republic Day with full enthusiasm and zeal. The programme was initiated by a speech informing the students about the importance of this day. The speech was followed by the hoisting of the flag by our Principal Dr. Paramjit Kaur & she also enlightened us with her precious words. After this the entire surroundings was filled with melodious sound of songs sung by the teachers & the school choir. There was a Drawing & Painting competition for all the students & teachers. The paintings of the students left the judges spell bound

ADIEU 2018 - 2019 - (2019-01-25)

KinderWorld: Fancy Dress Competition - (2019-01-25)

On the eve of Republic day our school has organized a fancy dress competition to infuse the zeal and enthusiasm for our country. They dressed up like great leaders and utter some slogan given by them

Inter House Patriotic Hindi Poem Recitation - (2019-01-24)

To celebrate the Republic Day, our school has organized a Inter House Patriotic Hindi Poem Recitation Competition – All the participants recited with a great enthusiasm. The results were as follows: a)Vanshika Sonkar (Class VII) Blue House - I b)Yusra Zeeshan (Class VII) Blue House - II c)Ananya Vishwkarma (Class VII) Yellow House - III


The Inter House patriotic group singing competition was held on 24.1.19 on the occasion of Republic Day. The four houses participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. All the houses performed well. The results are: Team C (Earth House) stood first. Team A (Mercury House) stood second Team D (Mars House) stood third.


Conducted By: : Hafsa English Prayer : Pragya (Where the Mind With out fear) Topic : Bhavya (Republic Day) Pledge : Hafsa Thought : Kashif Choir :All students (Swarg se sundar) Hindi Poem :Gargi (Jhanda Hai Desh ki Shaan) Dance :All students (Patriotic Mash Up) School Song : All students Skit Topic : Utility in Diversity National Anthem : All students

LOHRI CELEBRATION - (2019-01-12)


A Visit to L.L.J.M Church - (2018-12-26)

A visit to L.L.J.M. church was organized for the students on 26th December 2018. The students sang Christmas carol “Silent Night.” Father addressed the students and narrated the story behind this particular carol. He also told the students why Jesus was born. Wished everyone a very Merry Christmas. The children lighted candles. Then every one came back to school.

Special Assembly on "X-MAS" by class IV - (2018-12-24)

A special assembly was organized on Christmas, i.e. 24th December,2018 . The children of class IV beautifully presented their programme full of fun and joy. The assembly was conducted by Aarna Gupta. They started with the English Prayer ‘Everything I am’ followed by the Hindi Prayer, by Ananya Sinha. Then Gargi said the Pledge, Aman Mishra spoke the news headlines. After this, a Christmas carol was sung by the children depicting, the birth of Lord Jesus namely, ‘Silent Night.’ Adeeb recited a short poem on ‘Christmas.’ Lastly, the children altogether tapped their feet on the song – “We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ followed by the entry of Santa Claus filling the atmosphere with fun and jingling of bells. All the children enjoyed a lot. After this, Principal Ma’am spoke a few words and shared her views on the day.

Special Assembly on “Kishore Kumar” by Class IX - (2018-12-13)

English Prayer : Aisha Hindi Prayer :Aisha & Entire Class (Hey Sharde Maa..) Pledge : Raghvi Thought : Raghvi Topic : Mohd. Tariq Song :Jindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana (Sung By Entire class) Dance :Raghvi, Aisha & Vanisha

Special Assembly on “Saroj Khan” by Class VIII - (2018-12-07)

English Prayer : Aisha Hindi Prayer :Aisha & Entire Class (Hey Sharde Maa..) Pledge : Raghvi Thought : Raghvi Topic : Mohd. Tariq Song :"Jindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana" (Sung By Entire class) Dance :Raghvi, Aisha & Vanisha

Annual Concert - (2018-03-11)

Dr.Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School, Mc.Robert Ganj, witnessed the showcasing of young talents in the Annual Concert –Udaan 2018 which was held on 30th November at Ragendra Swarup Centre for performing Arts, Civil Lines auditorium. The honorable chief guest was Brig. Naveen Singh (Station Commander Cantonment Board, President of Kanpur honored by Veer chakra and other prestigious service awards, galaxy of other intellectuals were Dr. Alakshendra Swarup(Jt. Secretary,VSMT), Mrs. Nirmala Joseph, Mrs. Shilpi Nigam (Principals) along with other dignitaries. The auspicious lamp lighting ceremony was done by our chief guest and other dignitaries present followed by Bharat Vandana. Principal Dr. Paramjit Kaur presented a brief annual report of the school. Followed by a patriotic dance number Jhanki Hindustan Ki by classes 1 to 4. Then the students presented a mime based on the struggle and sacrifices of our Indian Leaders. Another dance drama was presented by the students of middle wing based on partition of India and the progressive mood of India. Next programme was “Prahari” salute to the Indian Army in which they defeated Pakistan and China. The tiny tots from kinder world presented tabulous of progressive India. Enactment by girls focused on Women Empowerment. The school choir presented a patriotic song “Jai Ho” which won the Oscar Award. The show ended with balancing of mind and body through Yoga Exercises. Last but not the least Vote of Thanks was given by the Principal.

Special Assembly on Children’s Day Conducted By Teachers - (2018-11-14)

Children’s Day was celebrated with gaiety and fervour at Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School on 14th Novemeber 2018. It was a fun - filled day for the students. The teachers made this day special as they had a lot of fun – filled activities lined for the students. So the day had the theme – “With love from teachers to students”. Special Assembly was held which had informative play, enactment, scintillating dance & songs etc. The students enjoyed all the programs & there was a giggle on the face of every Swarupian.

Special Assembly By Class V on Childrens Day - (2014-11-12)

Special Assembly on Children’s Day conducted by Avishka Shukla. English Prayer by Mohd. Arish Pledge & Thought was Gauri Damele Topic Children’s Day Avishka Shukla Dance Performance on the Songs “ Bum Bum Bole” & Chak Dhum Dhum” By: a. Rehan Ashraf b. Saad Anwar c. Avishka Shukla d. Gauri Damele e. Mohd. Arish

Diwali Pooja - (2018-11-07)

Happy Diwali !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diwali Celebration By KinderWorld - (2018-11-05)

The Diwali festival was celebrated by tiny toddlers on 5th Nov 2018. They all were filled with enthusiasm and were crazy like anything for burning crackers. The children were decorated Diyas on a CD with mirrors & bells. They enjoyed making handmade Diwali greeting cards

Helper’s Day Celebration - (2018-11-05)

Today 5th of November 2018, Tuesday Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School celebrated Helper’s Day where in all the school helpers participated in various races. The first race was Book Balancing Race in which only Mr. Goverdhan bagged the first prize. Followed by Back Running Race. There were three winners. The helpers participated enthusiastically. The last race was passing the Parcel. Mr. Ram Kishore Gupta was declared the winner. During the races the entire school children, staff & Principal cheered the helpers & enjoyed every bit of it. Later on Gifts and prizes were handed over to all helpers and winners by our respected Principal Ma’am. Ma’am wished everyone a safe happy and prosperous Diwali.

Special Assembly by Classes VI & VII on Diwali - (2018-11-05)

Diwali is a festival of lights. On this day Lord Rama returned to Ayodhaya after 14 years so citizens lighted lamps in their houses. On this important festival of Hindus, the students of classes VI & VII conducted a special assembly. Firstly the special assembly commenced with a beautiful Bhajan “ Sri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajman” after this students performed a small script of “ Sri Ram Rajyabhishek”. Later the students performed a group dance on the song “Aaj ki Raat Kare Door Andhera”.


Blue Colour Week Celebrated By KinderWorld (8th Oct – 12th Oct 2018) Blue colour week started on 8th oct 2018 the children came to know the importance of Blue colour. The ambience was all blue depicting under water creatures, the sky etc. Activities Conducted: 8th Oct: Cloud Making Activity: The children enjoyed sticking cotton balls inside the cloud made out of chart papers 9th Oct: Basket Making Activity: The children had fun making small basket using blue colour flurocent chart papers and they decorated those baskets with glitter tubes and thermacol balls. 10th Oct: Non Mess Painting: In a small transparent sachet two different water colours were poured and packets sealed, the children spread those colours. 11th Oct: Hand Fan Making Activity: With the help of teachers children prepared hand – fan with blue fluorescent chart papers and decorated the fans with small flowers made of colourful papers. 12th Oct: Beach Party: Last but not the least the children had beach party were they came dressed in blue attire and enjoyed dancing on various beats.


Blue Colour Week Celebrated By KinderWorld (8th Oct – 12th Oct 2018) Blue colour week started on 8th oct 2018 the children came to know the importance of Blue colour. The ambience was all blue depicting under water creatures, the sky etc. Activities Conducted: 8th Oct: Cloud Making Activity: The children enjoyed sticking cotton balls inside the cloud made out of chart papers 9th Oct: Basket Making Activity: The children had fun making small basket using blue colour flurocent chart papers and they decorated those baskets with glitter tubes and thermacol balls. 10th Oct: Non Mess Painting: In a small transparent sachet two different water colours were poured and packets sealed, the children spread those colours. 11th Oct: Hand Fan Making Activity: With the help of teachers children prepared hand – fan with blue fluorescent chart papers and decorated the fans with small flowers made of colourful papers. 12th Oct: Beach Party: Last but not the least the children had beach party were they came dressed in blue attire and enjoyed dancing on various beats.


Assembly conducted by Aisha Lighting of ceremonial lamp by Principal Ma’am Aarti: Ambe tu h jagdambe….. Musical Enactment: Mahishashur Vadh By Raghvi & Tariq Dance: Dholi Taro By Aisha & Raghvi Thought: Vanisha Singh Topic: Godess Durga By Aisha


Like every year, this year also an Inter House Sports Competition was organized by our school Dr. V.S.S.S.S. Basically the students were divided into three categories:  First Category included the students of classes I – IV. They got together for Carrom Board Competition (Inter House) Mercury House bagged the first position. Earth(Green)House stood second Blue(Venus)House stood third position Yellow (Mars) stood fourth. The Inter House Carrom Competition was held on 8/10/2018  Second Category included classes V – VIII. They got together for Inter House Kho – Kho competition which was held on 5/10/18 Results: 1st position was bagged by Mars House. 2nd position was bagged by Blue House. 3rd position was bagged by Red House. 4th position was bagged by Green House.  Third Category included the students of classes IX to XII which came together for “Inter House Basket Ball Competition”. A knock out match was held on 10/10/2018 and the finals were played on 11/10/2018 Results: First position was bagged by Earth (Green) House Second Position was bagged by Mars(Yellow) House Third position was bagged by Mercury (Red) House Fourth place was bagged by Venus(Blue) House. The match organizers, refree, coach or scorer were Mr. Amrendra Singh and Ms. Gauri Sinha.The prize distribution ceremony was conducted by our Principal Ma’am, Dr. Paramjit Kaur. All the houses played well and great excitement and zeal were seen amongst the students of the school

A Trip to Blue World Water Park - (2018-09-26)

A trip to the Blue World was organized by the school after the heavy burden of Half Yearly Exams. It was scheduled on Wednesday, the 26th September 2018. The trip was for the classes I to XII. The children were assembled in the ground sharp at 8:30 a.m. Two luxury buses were waiting to take buses us to the Blue World Water Park. Extreme excitement could be seen on the faces of all the children. We all boarded the bus at 9:00 a.m. and with the due permission of our respected Principal Ma’am we moved to the Blue World. As soon as we entered the gate the Blue World people tied a band on the wrist of each of us and they gave a frooti and a packet of chips. Children enjoyed completely inside the water rides and the waves at 2:00 p.m. they were provided with lunch after that we moved towards the dry rides. There was Tova Tova, Columbus, Suhana Safar, Paris Wheel Roller coaster etc. In the evening at 7:00 p.m. there was musical function show. After which we all boarded the bus and came back to our school. The trip was full of fun and thrill and we all enjoyed a lot.


To stay away from junk food children were made aware of dry fruits, healthy and tasty food. Dry fruits give us energy. The students were asked to bring dry fruits from home like – Almond, Cashew nut, Walnut, lotus nut raisins, Pistachio. The teacher briefed them about each dry fruit and they enjoyed tasting the same.

Special Assembly By Class XII on Teachers Day - (2018-09-04)

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Teacher's Day is a very important day for every student as they get to thank their mentors for all the hard work they put in to shape their personality. A special assembly was conducted by the students of grade XII to make their teachers feel good and special. ‘Teachers should be the best minds in the country.’ These are the words of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, great Indian philosopher and statesman. He was also President of India and his birthday is celebrated nationwide as Teacher’s Day. The students of class XII presented a special assembly on the occasion. The two narrators, Firdous Sultana and Mayank Rawat took us through the program with enthusiasm and confidence! The show started with the Sufi Prayer Kun Faya Kun……………….. followed by the Kathak dance. The programme ended with the Principal congratulating the teachers and students of class XII for putting up such a heartwarming show. She told the children that the best Teacher’s Day gift they can give their teachers is their best behaviour at school and outside! The show concluded with the national anthem.

Janamashtami Celebration By KinderWorld - (2018-09-01)

In order to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna,a Jhanki celebration was organized in Pre-primary section in school for children. All children came in ethnic clothes. Somewhere dressed as Lord Krishna, Radha, Gopis, Shepard, Kans Mama, Sudama etc. The backdrops were the highlight of the show with dim lights and greenery all around

Special Assembly by Class II on Janamashtami - (2018-08-30)

Festivals are characterized by colour, gaiety, enthusiasm, prayers and rituals. A Special assembly was conducted by class II on 30th August, 2018 on the occasion of Janmashtami, a festival which commemorates the earthly arrival of Lord Krishna. The assembly began with the worship of Lord Krishna by Principal Ma’am and teachers. This was followed by the special hindi prayer sung by the students of class II. A melodious bhajan was sung by the choir, added solemnity to the occasion. Little girls came dressed as gopis, Ananya as Radha and Rajveer as Lord Krishna performed dance on song ‘Wo kisna hai. Rajveer stole the show by breaking the Dahi Handi. The assembly concluded with a message from Principal Ma’am on the significance of Janmashtami as a festival which encourages goodwill and togetherness.

KinderWorld Visit to Fun City - (2018-08-25)

Away from the hustle-bustle of studies there was an outdoor trip to ‘Fun city’ where the kids had a gala time in a fun zone area. Enjoyed burger with cold drink. The children came back to school absolutely recharged and refreshed. It was a joy to see smiley faces.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration in KinderWorld - (2018-08-25)

To inculcate a feeling of brotherhood among children, “Raksha Bandhan” festival was celebrated in school. The sisters tied Rakhi on their brother’s wrist and in return the brothers gave them gifts and vowed to protect their sisters. All the children enjoyed a lot.

Special Assembly By Class - I on Raksha Bandhan - (2018-08-23)

The students of class I conducted the special Assembly on Raksha Bandhan.The children sang a beautiful song on Raksha Bandhan. A special hindi prayer was sung by the students. A mesmerizing dance performance on the song “O behna…meri behena” enthralled the audience.

Rakhi Making Activity - (2018-08-21)

Raksha Bandhan is the most popular festival of India. This famous festival is the love between symbol of brother and sister. On this auspicious festival, school had organized “Rakhi - Making Activity” for classes V to VIII. All students made beautiful and colourful Rakhi’s. At last our honorable principal Ma’am Dr.Paramjit Kaur, declared the results.

Special Assembly by Class XI & Inter House Dance Competition on Independence Day - (2018-08-15)

Special Assembly on Indpendence Day The 72nd Independence Day was celebrated on 14th August with great enthusiasm in our school. Students presented programs with full patriotic fervor and zeal and created an atmosphere of national pride Children were dressed up in saffron, white and green coloured clothes. The presentation commenced with a play which portrayed the difficult time faced by our countrymen before India finally won freedom at midnight on 15th August, 1947. This was followed by speeches of our great leaders and a colourful presentation of cultural events. Amazing performances left the audience spellbound. The celebration filled the air with patriotism and was a tribute to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for independence. We salute them for their bravery and struggle. Inter House Dance Competition Inter House Dance Competition was held on 15th August 2018. All the Houses participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. The participants of all the houses were dressed in tricolor attire. The house which bagged the first prize was Earth(Green) House. The house which bagged the second position was Mars(Yellow). The Third postion was bagged by Mercury(Red) House.

Independence Day Celebration By KinderWorld - (2018-08-15)

Independence Day was celebrated with enthusiasm, patriotism and zeal. A special assembly was conducted by the tiny tots, Patriotic skit was performed along with Hindi rhymes and children depicted the four national symbols and also spoke a few lines on it.

Sing for the Nation - (2018-08-14)

L.G. organized an event named Sing for the Nation on 14th August 2018 It was a singing competition in which the participants were asked to sing any patriotic song. Not only the students even the teachers participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Many students took part in the event. Certificates were given to the participants and a prize for the winners. It was a lovely musical event in which the students and teachers enjoyed a lot.

Inter House Speech on Unsung Hero - (2018-08-13)

Inter House speech competition on unsung heroes was held on 13.8.18. The competition was held in the assembly ground. All the four houses participated. Qayanat Ansari (Class XI) Venus House stood first. She spoke with full gusto & clarity. Alina Iqbal (class XII) Earth House stood second.

Fancy Dress Competition (Classes I – IV) - (2018-08-11)

A fancy dress competition was organized on 11th August, 2018 for classes I-IV. Children had to dress up as freedom fighters. They were attractively dressed as Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, and Mahatma Gandhi etc. All looked so impressive and inspiring. Children also delivered the famous dialogues of the respective freedom fighters. The winners were – Md.Ali (Yellow House)- IV Ananya Srivastava (Yellow house) – II Prabal Srivastava (Red House) – I

Table Laying Competition - (2018-08-10)

Inter House Laying the Dining Table Competition was held on 10th Aug 2018. All the Four Houses participated with great zeal. Mercury House and Earth House stood first. Mercury House arranged the table with the restaurant theme dating. The idea was applauded by the Judges. Earth House also laid the table very creatively. Second Position was bagged by Mars House. Third Position by Venus House.

Inter House Extempore Competition - (2018-08-06)

Inter House Extempore Competition was held on 6th August 2018. The topic for extempore was “Role of youth in today’s politics”. 1) Qayanat Ansari (class XI) Blue House. Harsh Vardhan Bajpai (class XII)Mars House both bagged the first prize. 2) Shadan Shafeeq (class XI) Mars House stood second.

KinderWorld: Friendship Day Celebration - (2018-08-06)

To inculcate a feeling of care & love among children, Friendship Day was celebrated on 6th August 2018. To develop their social behavior an interaction session was held, where the children tied friendship band and danced with their partners. They enjoyed musical chair’s and had party Tiffin’s. Friends are like flowers in the garden

Yellow Colour Week - (2018-07-27)

1) The little learners enjoyed and learned a lot from the creative and funfilled activities like Yellow Paper dog making activity, Colour plays an important role in a child’s life keeping the same in mind Yellow Colour week was celebrated. 2) Corn Activity. The children with the help of cotton buds did the dabbing on the corn. 3) Yellow fruit chaat making activity. The children relished yellow fruit chaat like mango, banana, and pineapple. 4) Paper plate pineapple making activity. On the paper plate the children made pine apple and were briefed about the juicy fruit.


Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School Mc Robert Ganj, celebrated the birth anniversary of Dr. Virendra Swarup ji who was a renowned philanthropist, parliamentarian and a great educationist as Shiksha Divas on 25th July, 2018. The students were geared up for various events throughout the week. There was English Spellathon for classes I - IV and V-VIII. Inter House Chess Competition for classes V-VIII and IX-XII separately for boys and girls. Inter House Ludo Competition for classes I-IV. On 21st July students from classes IX-XII visited Old Age Home Where they distributed food items and other stuff of daily needs. They spent some quality time with the old people and entertained them by singing songs and interacting with them. On 24th July much awaited Investiture Ceremony was conducted .Wherein Principal Ma’am gave badges and sashes to the office bearers to infuse some sense of responsibility and discipline among the students.Ramsha Khan was declared the Head Girl and Shikhar Gupta as Head Boy. In the afternoon the same day Inter House Extempore debate competition was conducted for classes IX-XII. On 25th a special assembly was conducted. On this occasion the school Principal Dr. Paramjit Kaur garlanded Dr. Virendra Swarup’s portrait and lighted the ceremonial lamp. She even highlighted the life and values of Dr. Virendra Swarup . The students of classes III and IV sang a bhajan and performed a mesmerizing group dance.The day ended with a Nukkad Natak “Chaurah - Chaurah”. The students collected at Motijheel Rajiv Vatika Dwar. The guest of honour was Mrs.Pramila Pandey, Mayor Kanpur who inaugurated the programme and praised the talent of the students Even the passersby applauded the children. In the end the school Principal gave the Vote Of Thanks.

Special Assembly by Class V - Respect Your Elders - (2018-07-19)

On Thursday 19.7.18 students of class V conducted a special assembly on the topic “Respect Your Elders.” Through this activity the students made everyone familiar with the importance of respecting our elders. Yogita Srivastava conducted the assembly with an English prayer titled”Make me channel of peace” along with Hindi prayer and pledge. The thought of the day was delivered by Afifa Farhan and news headlines by Avishka Shukla. A skit was performed by the students in which respect your elders was the highlight of the day. Followed by a speech by Gauri Damele and the class choir titled “Respect.”

Inter House Ludo Competition - (2018-07-13)

Inter House Ludo Competition was held on13th July 2018 Hammad Azim (Class I) Venus House stood first. Ali Asif (Class IV) Mars House stood second.Among the girls Ananya Srivastava(Class II) Mars House stood first followed by Aamna Masood (Class II) Mercury House

Inter House Chess Competition (Seniors & Juniors) - (2018-07-12)

On 12th july 2018 An Inter House Chess Competition was held in school for the senior boys and girls. Shadan (Class XI) of Mars House stood first, followed by Md.Umair(Class XII ISC) of Mercury House. Among the girls Tayyaba of Mars House bagged the first position, followed by Mukta Sharma(Class X) of Mercury house . Gaurav Chaurasia of (Class VIII) Earth House bagged the first position. Anmol Saxena (Class- V) of Mars House stood second . Among the girls Ananya Vishvkarma(Class VII) Mars House stood first Gaurav Chaurasia (Class VIII) Earth House stood second.


To infuse in the children the dignity of labour a potter was called to school along with the potter’s wheel and clay He showed the children how to make pots. The children also loved to play with clay They then dried their pots in the sun. The children loved the activity.

SAVE WATER - (2018-07-09)

Through a story narration the children were taught why water is so precious, what are the various uses of water and why we should save it? Various activities were conducted to make the children aware towards the importance of water.

Activities conducted after examination for classes I - IV (15th May -19th May) - (2018-05-15)

LEMON SPOON RACE: To, teach the students balancing and concentration. Lemon and Spoon race was held. The students participated willingly & enjoyed the race. YOGA: Physical exercise is a must for children. Some simple exercises of yoga were conducted to refreshen the mind and soul in a serene environment. SKATES: Musical chairs and bursting of balloon activity was conducted wearing skates. The children were full of enthusiasm & zeal to out beat each other. BASKET BALL : The students were introduced to the basic rule of dribbling. The children learnt the tricks of dribbling and how to keep the ball under control. CRAFT :The children were taught how to make paper bags & later decorated it. Flashing the message- “Say no to Plastic”. COMPUTER : The children were shown English animated film. They remained glued to the computer. Laughing & clapping in between the movie. STORY TELLING : To improve the oral skills of the student’s story time was conducted. The students narrated the story “The G olden Touch”. The teachers corrected their mistakes i.e. correct pronunciation, pauses, voice modulation.

JAGO KANPUR - (2018-05-25)

Lets make the city pollution free...... Message well conveyed by the students of Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School.

Mother''s Day Celebration - (2018-05-12)

Our esteemed Institution Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School Mc.Robert Ganj Kanpur not only aims at educating students but also inculcates etiquettes & love for their near & dear ones. As everyone knows that MOTHER is the most sacred gift of God. So we must respect & love her each day. Keeping the same in mind a day i.e. 12th May was attributed to honour mothers & motherhood. The chief guest for the day was Dr. Aradhana Gupta, Chief Psychologist of G.S.V. M. Medical College Kanpur. There were a few competitions organized for the mother’s like Solo Singing, Well Dressed Mom, the mother’s were full of enthusiasm and gaiety. The school children were no less to impress their mother’s students from class I to IV present a mesmerizing a dance performance. They tiptoed on the dance “iIte si Hassi……” a song dedicated to mother’s by some students of class XII “Tu Kitini Acchi H…”followed by a power packed dance fusion. A prize distribution ceremony was held. The chief guest gave away the prizes to winners In Solo Singing Mrs. Maheshwri bagged the first prize, Mrs. Ayesha Siddiqui was declared The Best Well Dressed Mom. In the end the Principal of the School Dr. Paramjit Kaur thanked the mother’s & students for making this day a great success.

Red Colour Week Celebration (7th May - 12th May 18) - (2018-05-07)

Kinderworld of VSSSS School conducted ‘Red Colour Week’ from 7th May to 12th May 18 to introduce children into the mesmerizing realm of colours. The shades of red made our tiny tots feel bright, lively and cheerful. ‘Red’ colour symbolizes enthusiasm, life and vitality. The day started off with the colour red every- where red dress, red rose, red teddy, red car, red apples, red cherries, here a red………. there a red….. red red everywhere ……..our little ones spent a spectacular red colour week . Bulletin boards displayed red craft work made by the children. The tiny tots looked stunning in their red outfits. Special assembly was conducted with emphasis on significance of red colour. Some of the students spoke a few sentences on the red object they brought from home. Teachers discussed the theme in circle time and linked it to all subjects. Colours are indeed the smiles of nature….. The ‘Red Colour Week’ celebration was a wonderful learning activity which helped children to sort and classify objects based on colours there by reinforcing cognitive skills. It was a scintillating week with innocent faces gleaming and reflecting brightness, joy, love and happiness. 1) The children were taken out in the play ground to do ‘Hand Print Crab making activity on the 4th May18. They enjoyed a lot of playing with red water colour. 2) The next day i.e. 8th May the children went out for ‘Clay Moulding’ fruit making activity. The learned to make red colour different fruits. 3) Third day the children were asked to make paper folding doll. This activity attracted the children as this was the type of a toy. 4) On fourth day the children made a pen stand lady bag activity. 5) Last day we had a Red Colour Party. Children came in Red Colour dress with toys and party tiffin. 6) On the last day the children had “Splash Pool Blast” along with summer party. They brought towel, swimming trunk, frooti, cake party tiffin for enjoyment. They enjoyed a lot playing in water in hot summer. The lunch boxes of the kids too were colourful and enjoyable.

Green Colour Week Celebration(23rd – 27th Apr 18) - (2018-04-23)

Taking inspiration from beautiful and colorful Nature, Green Heaven Kids School celebrated “Colours Week” for the students of Pre-Nursery & Nursery,L.KG. & U.KG. with the aim of inculcating beauty of colours in kids. Each day of the week marked a colourful day. KinderWorld School used many interesting and novel ways to introduce the concept of green colours to the little angels in different ways, so the innovative team left a long lasting impression of green colour, in the little minds by celebrating colourful days at a grand scale. All cute faces were dressed in the green colour.The lunch boxes of the kids too were colourful and enjoyable. The VSSSS School children enjoyed the activity with immense enthusiasm. The little ones enjoyed their days to the fullest and learned about colours in their own ways. 1) On the first day the children made green colour salad with the help of a teacher . they enjoyed eating different green fruits. 2) Children were asked to bring one white cap. They prepared green paper caterpillar and it was sticked on the cap. 3) The children were asked to bring any one green plant & they were taught to plant a tree in the school garden. 4) On the fourth day they were asked to bring one plain white hankerchief for vegetable printing. 5) On the last day of green colour week they hada green colour party. Children brought green sandwitches and cakes 6) To make the activity more inclusive, children brought different objects like toys, decorative items and drawings based on theme (green colour).The items were set on the table decorated with descriptive balloons. Students also participated in games and other interesting theme – based activities.

Welcome To School - (2018-04-08)

It was the first day in school the students of Kindrworld were petrified. Taking small reluctant steps & entered the big gates of Dr. VSSS,Kanpur. About to burst into tears, just then soft caring hand takes hold of tiny ones & leads them to a haven of love & care. They enjoyed themselves thoroughly on the bouncy and other swings. They did not stop here to beat the heat they relished their taste buds with mouthwatering ice creams with different flavors& aromas.


To commemorate the birth anniversary of Shri Ragendra Swarup Ji ‘FOUNDER’S WEEK’ was celebrated at Dr. Virendra Swarup Senior Secondary School, Mc.Robert Ganj which commenced from 16th April – 22nd April with great zeal and enthusiasm. Various activities were performed throughout the week. 16th April Essay Writing Competition. Topic: “Importance of Education in Today’s World.” Followed by G.K. Quiz for classes V – VIII and IX & XII. In both the groups Venus House stood first. Inter House Declamation was held for classes V – VIII. Vanshika Sonkar bagged the first prize. In the Inter House Debate Competition Firdous Sultaan stood first. The topic was “Importance of Moral Values in Education System”. Mercury House bagged the first prize in News Reading. On 21st April the programme came to an end where in a special Assembly was conducted by class IX & X. To pay a humble tribute to our founder Shri Rangendra Swarup Ji lighting of the lamp ceremony was held by our Principal Ma’am Dr. Paramjit Kaur who high lightened his achievements and asked the students to spread the light of knowledge everywhere. Followed by a bhajan “Hey Rama” sabse sacho tero naam”. A speech on Shri Ragendra Swarup Ji was delivered by Ahmed Ovaisi and the class choir sang a song “Thanks - Thanks I give you thanks………..” A short Hindi play “Beti Bachao Beti Padao”. After the assembly was over devotional songs were sung by the school staff.